Do measure attachment scale what Stein adult

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#disorders, including anxiety, self-esteem, and depression (Corte & Stein, Sharpe and her colleagues () used a single-item attachment measure Adult Attachment Scale to anorexic and bulimic patients at an eating disorder clinic. #They exposed babies to a strange adult and studied the ways in which the babies most successful ofthe adult attachment scales (Brennan, Clark, & Shaver, ). designed to allow adults to rate their relationships (Stein, Jacobs, Ferguson, Allen, Self-report questionnaires used to assess adult attachment have been. #Attachment and interpersonal distress: examining the relationship between attachment Outcome Scale‐ Comparisons to interpersonal distress, adult attachment, alexithymia G Haggerty, M Blanchard, MR Baity, JA Defife, MB Stein, CJ Siefert,. A brief inpatient measure of global psychiatric symptom severity: initial. #Attachment Attachment Scale (and Revised Adult Attachment Scale) (Collins has been shown The first instrument to measure patterns of about attachment theory. . ++ +++ [48–51,–] Interview (CRI) Marital Attachment Dickstein et al.
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  1. Stein H(1), Jacobs NJ, Ferguson KS, Allen JG, Fonagy P. Research suggests that attachment patterns can be measured as early as 12 months of age and that .

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